Don Jr.’s Reaction On Biden’s “Confused” Video! You Won’t Expect This Reaction!!! –

For sure, this reaction came unexpectedly!

As time passes, Biden is only getting more confused! Excuses of a speech impediment and stuffer aren’t reliable anymore, showing that here, something for sure, is going on.

The latest video online, where Biden should answer a question related to the border’s dire situation, has concerned many people.

Clearly, in the video, we can realize how lost and confused Biden is when a reporter asks him a question. Don Jr. was also surprised by Biden’s reaction and said that he feels bad for the almost 80-years-old President.

Take a look at the video below.

Don Jr.’s reaction to the video is shocking, but it also shows us how desperate Biden’s mental health is.

We are humans, and we feel bad for Biden!

Of course, no one would say that Biden’s situation is terrible, and the media say that he is as fit as a whistle.

Take a look at the NBC News report.

“Biden is taking blood thinners and medication for acid reflux, cholesterol, and seasonal allergies. Dr. John Torres, an NBC News medical correspondent, notes that acid reflux can occasionally cause a hoarse voice, which has become noticeable at times on the campaign trail.

O’Connor has been Biden’s primary physician since 2009 and also released the results of Biden’s most recent physical exam, which showed him to be in stable health. Notably, his doctor points out that Biden’s good health can be attributed to his decision not to smoke, drink, and commitment to working out “at least five days per week.”

Critics of the former vice president’s age often suggest the septuagenarian is mentally and physically too old to be President, however, O’Connor makes no mention of any mental deficiencies, stating that Biden’s last physical showed his that his “cranial nerves and vestibular function are normal.”

Maybe you released the whole medical report, but we aren’t stupid.

Something is going on here!


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