You’ve Never Seen Trump Happier! –

After the rain comes the sun – and President Trumps HUGE smile is right back on his face to prove that!

President Trump has been backstabbed more times than anyone in history I’ve ever heard of – I could say even more, than the Great Cesar.

His own “buddies” from the Republican party vomiting against him, two failed tries for his impeachment, taken down from governing by voting frauds, erased from the “face of the Earth” with the social media ban…

A normal person would put themselves in a mental institution, to recover their human capacity, dignity and strength. But not this guy…..

As a matter of fact, you can see the completely opposite reaction, in this exclusive photo taken in his Mar-a -Lago just these days!

He looks absolutely fantastic – running away from the tensions in Washington D.C. probably feels REEEEEALLY GOOD!

This photo is taken on a fundraiser held by Kristi Noem, The Governor of South Dakota, and being in the presence of his family at his own home is making President Trump feel glorious. His adviser, and his possible future daughter-in-law, Kimberly Guilfoyle is the other lady in the picture.

In the end – smiling is the best medicine – it raises the oxytocin levels in your blood, and plus, you make your enemies wonder why you are so happy when they did anything in their power to end you. Thus, bringing misery to their miserable lives.


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