[VIDEO] Joe Looks Lost as Staffers Aggressively Take Over During Hardware Store Visit

Joe Biden and his staffers ventured out of the White House today and made their way to a DC hardware store to talk to the owner about the PPP loan that he got back in April from President Trump.


Of course, Biden is tyrying to take credit for it.

From CNN

President Joe Biden on Tuesday visited a hardware store in Washington, DC, to highlight the changes his administration has made to the Paycheck Protection Program to help the smallest of businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The owners of W.S. Jenks & Son applied for a PPP loan during the two-week exclusive window Biden announced last month for small businesses with fewer than 20 employees, according to a White House official. The hardware store bills itself as the oldest in Washington.

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Things got a little weird, however, when the press started shouting questions at Joe.

As you know, he hasn’t held a presser, so a lot of people have a lot of questions, namely about the circus at the border.

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But as the press was shouting questions, Joe, who stood there looking awkward and appearing confused, his staffers (or “handlers” as some people call them) were very loudly and quite aggressively shutting down the reporters.

As this Twitter user says, they appeared to be ‘shooing’ the reporters away….very loudly.

You can watch the video below:


Why can’t Joe answer simple questions about his policies?

What is everyone so afraid of, and why does it feel as if they’re shielding this grown man like he were a baby?


It’s time for Joe to stand before the press without a teleprompter, and answer questions on his policies – and if he can’t do that, he needs to step down and prove once and for all that we’ve all been duped.


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