Shocking New Evidence Will Turn Everything In Floyd’s Case –

Almost a year since the terrible brutal death – murder on George Floyd and the trial against the culprits is finally scheduled. The Black Lives Matter movement has been the biggest thing last year, that shook not only the USA but the world. They didn’t stop at any point, chasing the blame and searching for justice to be revealed. They wanted some piece of mind, some kind of guarantee that this kind of police brutality wouldn’t keep on going and remain a habit, especially against people of color.

George Floyd though lived a harsh life, sometimes making criminal moves, doesn’t mean he was supposed to die on the pathway, choking, while a policeman was pressing his boot against his throat, without him representing any bigger possible threat! Basically, that kind of force and measurements were absolutely unnecessary in this case.  But many were claiming that he was trying to change, going on rehab, turning his back to his toxic friends.

Unfortunately, a local reporter just brought up possible new evidence that would be a “game-changer” in the case, in the favor of the policeman. Probably those drug demons weren’t leaving that easy…

The defense claims this, as well as the fact that they have the two pills to present as “valid proof”, which were found on the floor during the crime scene investigation. Which would make the BLM and ANTIFA groups VERY angry – bringing further possible major riots.

And let us not forget – that in the riots following Floyd’s death were killed 20 more people, immense material damages, destructions and started fires were made. Though they want to make a point, who will be held responsible for this if Floyd stops being the civil justice hero?


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