Pfizer Vaccine Effective Against Brazilian Virus Variant! – Latest Study Reveals!!! –

The Pfizer vaccine is effective against the Brazilian covid-19 variant, and it can neutralize it. It is the first good sign that some vaccine is effective against the other types and variation from the virus that emerged recently.

Pfizer vaccine is highly effective against the primary coronavirus type, and the latest study shared that it can neutralize the virus variant found in Brazil. The name of this virus modification is P.1.

Currently, the experts show that P.1. Variant is the worst of all, regarding the surge in cases it is fueling in Brazil.

According to Dr. Fauci, this virus version is highly infectious, so that the spreading process is straightforward and fast. Also, he said that the vaccine’s antibodies are less effective against it.

However, Pfizer, its German partner BioNTech, and the University of Texas Medical Branch did a survey, and the results are encouraging!

The study showed that the Pfizer vaccine is effective against the Brazilian variation and the B.1.1.7. (British variation) too.

Moreover, the most concerning variant is from South Africa, called B.1.351. They doubted that it would weaken vaccine effectiveness, but the research resulted differently. The neutralization of that variant was “robust but lower.”

Carl Bergstrom is a professor of Biology at the University of Washington, and he shared his opinion on Twitter regarding the results of the study. He said:

“We see high neutralizing activity against all strains tested, including P.1 that is spreading so rapidly in Brazil,”

“While activity is diminished against the B.1.351 strain from South Africa, it is still very impressive.”


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