House Democrats to Pass $1.9 Trillion Pork-Filled Covid Relief Bill Wednesday Morning, Send it to Biden’s Desk –

House Democrats are expected to pass the $1.9 trillion pork-filled Covid relief bill Wednesday morning then send it to Biden’s desk for his signature.

The Senate on Saturday already passed the Democrats’ massive $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill that has nothing to do with Covid on a party-line vote.

The bill went back to the House to approve of several last minute changes made by Senate Democrats.

The chamber received the Senate-passed bill on Tuesday and will work to set up the final vote Wednesday morning.

The bill will give some Americans $1400 after Democrats shut down businesses for nearly a year.

The Covid relief bill is a power grab for the Democrats, teachers unions, minority interests and will funnel tens of thousands of dollars to federal workers.

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Democrat Senators went around Republicans by passing the bill through budget reconciliation, a process that requires only a simple majority vote.

Although the Democrats’ ‘COVID stimulus bill’ does little for the common man or the business owner who was forced to shut down their small business due to Democrat mandates, the bill does help some poorly managed Democrat city and state governments stay afloat as it erases their debts for the foreseeable future.

Pelosi’s San Francisco wasn’t the only entity rewarded in the COVID Stimulus bill, Senator Chuck Schumer’s New York State was also bailed out in the bill.

Not one Republican approved of this nearly $2 trillion taxpayer-funded transfer of wealth to lobbyists, special interests and Democrat pet projects.


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