[VIDEO] Second Day in a Row Feed is Cut When Biden Agrees to “Take Questions”

Biden’s presidency looks to be becoming more and more of a joke every day.

Seriously, the guy is nearly incapable of answering basic questions and often has trouble stringing a simple sentence together.


And now the problem has become even worse as his live feed during a presser was cut AGAIN as he was about to take reporter’s questions.

Check it out:

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I mean, this is just embarrassing…

And users on Twitter are definitely in agreement that this is completely bizarre:

80,000,000 voted for this???

At this point I just feel sorry for him

This is heartbreaking , his family should step in and stop this, he obviously isn’t a well person,
God help America and it’s people .

When is it going to be too obvious to ignore and cover up?

This is the leader of the greatest country in the world. Be afraid America, be very, very afraid. He is not really in charge is he?

Do you think joe knows he’s president

Well, ‘democrats’ would rather blame technical difficulties than have Americans REALIZE that they do not have a competent President.
They are continuing to ‘kick the can’ down the road. I hope that their ‘strategy’ comes back to bite them in ASS and HURTS THEM POLITICALLY


Honestly, they can’t keep this jig up for too much longer.

At some point, they’re going to have to come up with another scheme to rescue this pathetic presidency.

The American people deserve better than this.

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