Marjorie Taylor Green Reveals A Dirty Little Congressional Secret! She Will Stop Them! –

Since President Trump, Marjorie Green is the most prominent DC swamp rat rabble-rouser.

We think it’s beautiful.

Every time where we hear something about corruption, Marjorie is there, and she will reveal it.
Currently, she is calling out Congress because she heard some dirty tricks they did for passing some inappropriate horrible bills, acts, and amendments.

Marjorie is here. We don’t have to worry that some horrible bills would pass.

Concerning this issue, Marjorie tweeted:

She already started with her actions.

Only last week, She ruined the Democrats’ plans by revealing their nasty tricks. Marjorie named them “roll call vote” on an amendment that provided convicted people with the right to vote.

Insider shared:

“America does not love all its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat from Missouri, argued on the floor of the House, saying that more than 5 million Americans are prevented from taking part in an election because they are currently incarcerated.

On Tuesday, Bush and Rep. Mondaire Jones, a New York Democrat, offered an amendment to sweeping voting rights legislation, HR 1. The legislation, as written, would already restore that right for those with felony convictions, but not for those who are now behind bars — one in six of whom are Black.

“This cannot continue,” Bush said. “Disenfranchising our own citizens is not justice.”

The amendment failed. No Republican supported the amendment, and most Democrats opposed it too, leading it to be put down by a vote of 97 to 328.

We love Marjorie Taylor Greene!


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