Leftists Outraged Over Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Enthusiastic Thumbs Down Vote on $15 Minimum Wage Hike (VIDEO) –

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) on Friday enthusiastically voted NO on a $15 minimum wage hike.

A total of 8 Democrat Senators defected on the minimum wage increase but leftists attacked Sinema for her enthusiastic thumbs down vote on the Senate floor.

Joe Machin
Jon Tester
Jeanne Shaheen
Maggie Hassan
Kyrsten Sinema
Tom Carper
Chris Coons
Angus King (Independent who caucuses with Democrats)

Sinema channeled John McCain and did a thumbs down vote on the senate floor.


The Senate stripped the minimum wage hike from the Covid bill, but a group of far left lawmakers led by Socialist Bernie Sanders forced a separate vote on the policy.

The vote was held on Friday and 8 Democrat Senators defected.

With a 42-58 vote against the wage hike, it shows the Democrats are at odds within their own caucus and can’t even pass the provision with a simple majority vote.

Leftists went berserk and harassed Senator Sinema.

Some leftists requested $15 from her on Venmo to make a point. All were declined and Sinema was forced to make her account private.

The left-wing bluecheck mafia was triggered by Sinema’s “John McCain” thumbs down vote.

ARTICLE SOURCE : americanconservatives.today

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