The Tiger Woods’s Unseen Investigation Turn! –

After all Tiger’s been through lately, after all the missed games and championships, the authorities are doing this silly move!

Apparently, the Police officials are asking for a search warrant to further examine the car driven by Tiger Woods. I don’t know what are they expecting to find there, but I am sure in one thing – this is all because he’s a friend of President Trump, and not very fond of the current leader, Joe Biden.

The car crash happened on the 23rd of February in Southern California when Tiger lost control over the vehicle,, a 2021 Genesis GV80, for reasons that are still unfamiliar.  He crossed the two road lanes as well as the median, ending up in a ravine, suffering serious injuries and being hospitalized for a long time.

And now, after all this time has passed (two weeks), they want to execute a search warrant to retrieve the electronic “black box” from the sophisticated car, to determine if some kind of crime was committed by Mr. Woods.

What are they actually “searching” for?

“We’re trying to determine if a crime was committed,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy John Schloegl stated for the USA Today. “If somebody is involved in a traffic collision, we’ve got to reconstruct the traffic collision. If there was any reckless driving if somebody was on their cell phone or something like that. If there was no crime, we close out the case, and it was a regular traffic collision.”

Until this day, the traffic investigators haven’t found a reason for the cause of the collision.

I am guessing this is yet another order from the Dem’s administration.

They don’t want Trump fans, especially not influential ones such as Mr.Tiger Woods. And they are trying to “collect” some extra evidence against him….


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