Kayleigh Is A Part Of Fox News –

“Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has officially joined the Fox News network as a contributor.” These are the trendiest latest news on the web.

We will enjoy seeing more of this fierce girl!

She has the style and the ability to seek the truth and to actually reveal it. And by that – she makes many other reporters look like real fools! She enjoys the credibility and honor of the Americans, thus, whatever she will be doing as her next career move – will be carefully observed and supported!

Like, here’s an EXACT example of what I was just telling you about…

Jake Tappe, the CNN anchor tried to mock her, by announcing she’s not a guest in his show because she “lies all the time”

She made the following tweet, fiercely coming right back at him!

“I don’t lie – instead, I prove that others do, and that’s Jake’s real problem” – she replied.

Also, she took down CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, the brother of the twisted Andrew Cuomo, after he tried to mock President Trump, saying that “taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against coronavirus is not helpful.” And apparently, bro Andrew took the exact same thing in his treatment. BOOYA!

And the big reporter, Jim Acosta, seems to be easily swept off her way…

This young girl is well informed and keeps her head cold. She doesn’t take comments personally – that’s why she’s absolutely ruling the “information dancefloor”. Most of the reports have already chosen a side, which makes them look silly, trying to report FACTS.

I am really happy for “the fresh blood” Fox News has chosen!

ARTICLE SOURCE : americanconservatives.today

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