Watch: Video Emerges of Tiger’s Car “Rushing” to a Golf Course Just Before The Crash

Tiger Woods was in a terrible car crash yesterday.


His car was absolutely mangled, but thankfully he’s alert and responsive today.

Footage of Tiger’s car just before the crash has emerged. Reports coming out now claim he was “rushing” to make a tee-time with his NFL buddies.

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I watched the video and from what I can see, I don’t think he looks like he’s driving fast or unsafely.


But according to TMZ, he was “speeding.” Not sure how they figured this out.


From Daily Mail

Tiger Woods was rushing to meet NFL stars Drew Brees and Justin Herbert at a golf club where they were due to film for GolfTV when he crashed on Tuesday morning and shattered his right leg.

Woods rolled his Genesis GV80 at 7.12am on Tuesday morning, less than 15 minutes after speeding out of the Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes, where witnesses said he seemed ‘impatient’ and eager to get on the road.

He was on his way to the Rolling Hills Country Club, 10 miles away, where he was due to meet New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and L.A. Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert to film a show for GolfTV. They were due to meet at 7.30am and the drive ordinarily takes around 20 minutes.

Sources told FOX News that he was late leaving the hotel after having to wait longer than expected to get his car from the valet. He was picked up by road cameras driving safely, within the speed limit of 45mph at at 7.05am.

The crash site is a known problem area, according to sheriffs who said on Tuesday they have seen people fly down the road at almost twice that speed. The exact spot where he crash is at a point in the road where it widens and is downhill. The sheriffs said people tend to put their foot on the gas prematurely without factoring in that their speed will naturally increase.  There is a gravel runaway ramp after it to slow people down and there’s also a net in the central median to try to stop out-of-control cars from rolling over onto the other side of the road.

It’s unconfirmed what speed Tiger was traveling at or what exactly caused him to crash but he plowed through the central reservation, rolled several times and ended up on a grassy verge on the other side of the road.

Everybody feels rushed from time to time, that doesn’t mean you roll your car and nearly die.

Also, I’m not sure how anyone knows that Tiger was “agitated” while driving – sounds like more projection to fit a narrative and tell a story.


There will need to be a proper investigation to determine what caused the crash, until then, all of this is speculation.

All I know, is I hope he heals up quickly and can get back to the things that he loves most: Golf


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