OP-ED: The Burden Of Proof

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It’s no secret that a double standard exists around the burden of proof for allegations of personal misconduct. If someone alleges a conservative engaged in behavior even remotely questionable, the allegation is as damning as a legal conviction. We’ve seen this on social media, in politics and business, and the court of public opinion.’

Why, then, is the burden of proof for allegations against someone from the Left so high?


Of course, we all know the answer to this. Stay on the media’s right’ side (which is to say be a ‘progressive’), and you can commit lewd acts with minors and even record this depravity on your laptop (I’m looking at you, Hunter Biden). Two days ago, the New York Times begrudgingly announced that a second former aide had come forward with accusations of sexual assault on Governor Cuomo. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi put down her martini glass to admit the string of allegations were ‘credible.’

It wasn’t enough that Cuomo had the nursing home scandal. Nothing to see there—at least, that’s how it was treated by many in the legacy media. How many of the celebrities who slobbered over Cuomo’s Emmy are now calling for him to step down?


I’ll save you the trouble looking. The answer is none. Cuomo won’t be dragged through the mud while the media and elites take a ‘wait and see’ approach. Those same groups were at the gates with pitchforks in hand when a phone call between President Trump and a foreign Head of State seemed discomfiting. That episode sparked the second-weakest impeachment of a President in our nation’s history. It was only surpassed in absurdity by the most recent impeachment attempt of the same President after he left office.

Enough was written about those failed impeachments. Still, they stand as examples of the low bar used to silence dissent from conservative voices and actors speaking truth to power. The same was true of the Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearing when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

In direct comparison, the jurist nominated by President Obama—Merrick Garland, current nominee to become our Attorney General of the United States—attempted to dismiss a conflict of interest in a possible DOJ investigation into Governor Cuomo’s first major scandal (it’s hard to keep up with the plethora of scandals spilling over these days).


If we circle back to Cuomo (take that, Jen Psaki—and please take off the shapka), we see how incestuous the Left is in covering for each other’s misdeeds. Again, none of this is surprising. It does highlight the question Trump asked at CPAC over the weekend: “do you miss me yet?”

With the double-standard exposing the burden of proof each side must meet, I’m guessing the Left misses the cover that President Trump provided their sleazy transgressions.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.



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