Juanita Broaddrick Makes Case for “Premeditated Murder Charges” Against Cuomo

The world is crumbling for Andrew Cuomo.

Things are getting worse every day, and I am not talking about the #MeToo stuff — yes, he’s a pig, but it’s what he did to vulnerable, elderly Americans that matters most.


Just a few months ago the left incorrectly labeled Governor Cuomo a “COVID superhero.” Hollywood even awarded him an Emmy for his so-called amazing work on COVID.

Meanwhile, everyone on the left knew about his nursing home scandal and had been reporting on it the entire time.

But, things got so ridiculous that Dr. Fauci lauded Cuomo as the poster-boy for COVID handling, and said that New York was the “model” for how to handle the pandemic.

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All the while this was going on, media and pundits on the right were calling out Cuomo as the biggest American Serial Killer on the planet, for how he stuffed vulnerable nursing homes with COVOD-sick patients.

How can you even justify that move? Why on earth would anyone in their right mind pack vulnerable nursing homes, housed with the most high-risk people on the planet, with a bunch of sickly COVID patients?


I guess if you were a “conspiracy theorist” you’d say that Cuomo, Whitmer, and other Dem governors made that ghastly and unthinkable move early on in order to quickly raise the death numbers to help create a negative narrative to use against President Trump.

But that’s just “conspiracy talk.,” right?

The one thing that makes that “conspiracy theory” hold water though, is the fact that President Trump actually sent a 1000-bed hospital ship to New York for Cuomo to use, and he never used it.

Instead, he packed nursing homes with sick people.

Why? Why would he do that?

Juanita Broadderick has a theory – she thinks Cuomo refused to use the hospital ship because it was sent by President Trump.

Maybe he didn’t want to give Trump any positive headlines – after all Cuomo is just another TDS progressive.

Either way, Juanita believes that Cuomo refusing to use that ship is actually a case for “premeditated murder.”

Interesting theory…she may be onto something.

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Here’s what Juanita said: “Can you imagine a Governor who had the resources of a 1000 bed hospital ship and refused to use it because Trump sent it? I think that’s premeditated murder.”

It’s time for someone to ask Cuomo this question point-blank.

He needs to sit down and explain exactly WHY he refused to use a ship that was docked in his harbor, and instead flooded nursing homes with sickly, contagious people and killed thousands.


Because as it stands now, Andrew Cuomo looks like the most prolific and successful serial killer in America…and it all looks like it was plotted out…if he wants to change that perception, he needs to start explaining these moves he made.



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