Conservative Actress Kristy Swanson Just Dropped the Mic On Hollywood With One Stunning Sentence

Conservative actress Kristy Swanson just stuck it to the politically correct Hollywood elite in a BIG WAY.

Swanson just put out a tweet that really puts into perspective just how ridiculous this whole phenomenon of biological men, who identify as women, competing in sports against them.


Her suggestion is that if men are allowed to compete on the same level as women in sports, then why not allow it in the “best actress” category?

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I mean, but seriously…why not?

At this point, it’s completely sexist that men can’t be actresses!

The comments online for this post were of course, hilarious:

Didn’t Bette Middler get one ?

Why not “Miss” America while we’re at it?

I think they should immediately merge the NBA & WNBA together!! Why not???? Isn’t it the same???????

Because Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin and Robert Di Nero would be nominated every year.

How about putting biological women in the same jails as men? I wonder if they think that’s fair?

I had no idea they were biological men still in Hollywood. Lol


The scary part is that what Swanson is suggesting could become reality and I don’t think many would question it.

That’s the level of “inclusivity” we’re at now…

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