Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New “Republican Battle Cry” is the Rule We All Must Follow To Win

After four years of always winning, conservatives have found themselves in a new spot…and it’s not because we’re the “minority.” it’s because we got outplayed in a rigged game by the dirty scheming swamp.


It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is, and we need to make the most of this momentary setback and use it to our advantage.

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It’s easy to fall into a trap of complaining and whining or saying “this isn’t fair!’ – and trust me, you’re right, a lot of this crud isn’t fair, but that attitude won’t get us far.

We all know the left isn’t “fair.” They don’t operate on truth or fair and righteous rules. All they care about is advancing and gaining power and spreading their ideology and they’ll do whatever it takes to do that.

They don’t care if you call them a hypocrite. It doesn’t shame them or phase them in the least. Again, it’s all about power and advancement, and if they have to look like hypocrites and fools to make that happen, so be it. They don’t give a damn.

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So, spending all of your time online calling the left “hypocritical” might feel good and satisfying to you, but it does nothing to advance our cause.

And that’s what we need to do…ADVANCE our causes the same way the left does: Shamelessly and without any apologies or guilt.

That’s the message that GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has for everyone on the right.


She’s got a powerful new “Republican Battle Cry” and every one of us must listen and take heed if we want to actually win against these anti-American communists.

Here’s what Marjorie said:

“Republican voters need to stop being constantly outraged and just complaining with tweets and posts about being canceled. Republican voters need to become activists. And industry giants in #BigTech and everywhere else we are being canceled. Don’t whine, WIN!”

We can’t stay locked in this “Paul Ryan: That’s Not Who We Are” bubble. We’re being eaten alive, and our country is being destroyed while we sit here taking some makebelieve moral high road.

We can either stop with that nonsense, and get in the gutter and beat these ghouls on their home turf, or we can sit in the corner clutching our pocket Constitutions, screaming about virtue and honor while the entire country burns to the ground.


I know that might sound harsh, but in all honesty, that’s the reality of the situation that we’re in right now.

The left is a lot like ISIS in the way that they don’t respond or react to kindness or perceived weakness…they pounce on it and twist it to suit their needs.

And they perceive most conservatives as “weak.” And sadly, they’re right. Conservatives are so terrified of being labeled “racist” or non-inclusive.  The left has twisted Christianity, to the point now, where if you don’t embrace transgenderism and homosexuality, you’re a bigot and a “bad Christian.” They’ve taken ownership of your religion and are now dictating to you how you need to act and believe…Godless heathens who believe in abortion are telling you how to be a proper Christian.

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Think about that for a minute.

This is why we have a “cancel culture.” Because everyone’s trying so hard to live up to these absurd, false morals.

The left will only back down when they’re faced with shameless, and fearless strength.


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