Never Fading Trump Is Back On The Horse – The CPAC Will Be A Total Blast –

Cut him open. He bleeds. Losing dignity, losing finance… Losing faith in humanity.

But NEVER losing the will to fight on.

The power is truly strong within this one. Tirelessly fighting for America’s domination.

Seems that even those two silly impeachment trials can’t get him to step down and hide from the face of the Earth, as the GOP assumed, I suppose.

As we all know, this weekend he is going to hold a speech at the annual meeting of the Republican Party, the CPAC conference, which is going to be held in Orlando, due to the COVID 19 crisis.

The future plans

According to rumors, supported by sources from Axios, apparently, the speech that Trump will have the honor to give at the closing ceremony of the conference, is going to be a declaration, showing GOP his future campaign plans.

His longtime adviser called Trump’s speech a “show of force,” and said the message will be: “I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I’m still in charge.”

Apparently, on the meeting with his advisers this weekend at Mar-a-Lago, Trump was planning his next political move and future political agenda.

His advisers argue that Trump’s power within the GOP runs deeper and broader than ever before, though he’s out of the Oval Office, and that “no force can temper him.”

“Trump effectively is the Republican Party,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller reported. “The only chasm is between Beltway insiders and grassroots Republicans around the country. When you attack President Trump, you’re attacking the Republican grassroots.”


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