Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen – Democrat Governors Cuomo and Newsom – Once Democrat Kingpins Now Face Removal from Office –

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

A few months ago New York Democrat Governor Cuomo was reveling in the news of his Emmy award given to him in recognition for his pressers regarding the China coronavirus in New York state:

Next thing you know Cuomo is facing impeachment:

California’s Democrat Governor was basking in the moonlight, enjoying dinners at the finest restaurants in California:

Now he is facing being removed from office as well:

What happened?  These two individuals were the beacons of the corrupt Democrat Party and now they are clinging onto their governorships.  Are the Obama – Bidens afraid of these two and getting them out of the way?  What’s really going on behind closed doors?

ARTICLE SOURCE : americanconservatives.today

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