Slip Of The Tongue From Biden Ally Drops A 2024 Bomb, Stuns Dems ‘Usually This Kind Of Thing Isn’t…

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion Reminder : The purpose of the articles that you will find on this website is to EDUCATE our opinions and not to disinform or grow hate and anger! Longtime friend and former Senator Chris Dodd had a little slip of the tongue and dropped a … Read more

Trump Just Froze Pelosi In Her Tracks – Donald Uses His Executive Privilege To Block House Subpoenas

For months, Democrat leaders and the House have been trying to investigate former President Donald Trump. They want to know what role he might’ve played in the unfortunate Jan. 6 incident. Trump has always maintained his innocence, but that hasn’t stopped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from sending subpoenas to several Trump officials. One thing that … Read more

Texas County Judge And 3 Others Arrested – They Are Being Charged With 150 Counts Of Election Lawbreaking

  What’s Happening: Since November 2020, we’ve heard all about possible problems with the election. Well, not if you only listen to the MSM, of course. It appears the establishment out of D.C. doesn’t want anyone to even question the integrity of the election. Anyone who raises suspicions, or points out irregularities, is branded a … Read more